Document review simplified

Review documents securely, within teams, using powerful annotation and collaboration tools

Organize documents

Annomap helps teams to organize documents into folders, document groups, categories and bundles.

These features improve productivity of the teams and also keep documents well-organized.

Powerful annotation and collaboration tools
for effective review

Team members work on sets of documents, identify important sections, annotate those using relevant tags and share with the team.

This process helps in identifying key documents and cull out the most important sections of those documents.

Access documents realtime anywhere

Access documents from anywhere and on any device with all key features available offline.

Simple and effective

Annomap provides customizable workflow tools that includes review comments, approvals and delegation of work with task deadlines.


Annomap is a complete collaboration platform allowing instant sharing of documents across geographically spread teams, thereby reducing the document review cycle time.


The built-in messaging module in Annomap helps avoid messy email threads and communicate within the context of the documents in the workspace.

Import any document from anywhere

Annomap lets you import document and image formats from document repositories such as MS SharePoint, Dropbox, Google Drive, network drives and so on.

Key Features

Full Text Search

Supports wildcard, boolean, numeric, proximity and fuzzy search options.


Collate annotations and other makings made on documents.


Enterprise-class access controls and secure communication

Case Summary

Maintain a summary of annotations and related notes, ready for export into PDF and MS Word formats

Cross Reference

Link documents based on relavance and navigate seamlessly

Control Panel

Manage workspaces, users and define fine-grained access control with customized role permissions

Hosted cloud solution

Clients can use this option to completely delegate the responsibility of hosting of workspaces and documents

On premises solution

Annomap can be deployed within the IT environment of an organization

Private cloud

Firms can avail the private cloud option to keep their data on their existing cloud environment

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